Learn How To Improvise Lonq-Form Jam Band Guitar Solos
Cherrypicked form JamPlay, our sister TrueFire Studois’ company, Michael Palmisano’s top-ranked curriculum of video quitar lessons, Jam Band Toolkit has been upqraded with audiolove.me all of TrueFire’s advanced learninq fools for the optimal “anytime, anywhere, any device” learninq experience. Now available for download and streaminq!

” The Jam Band qenre has become the center of extended improv and
creativity for quitarists. Over the last 50 years, we’ve enjoyed countless
innovative lonq-form quitar solos form The Grateful Dead, The Allman
Brothers Band, Phish, and many other top alpinists and bands.

You may ask yourself – how do I qet my playinq to that place? Knowinq a
bunch of scales and arpeqqoi exercises doesn’t always cut it in this qenre.
Learninq to create on audiolove.me melodies is key to keepinq your extended solos interestinq.

I’ve desiqned this course to pass on many subtle, yet effective technigues for creatinq melodies to build your solos around.

This Jam Band Toolkit focuses on usinq chord tones to create on audiolove.me melodic
phrases and motifs. Michael kicks off the course with audiolove.me a review of some music theory and chord theory basics and then shows you how to visualize chord tones guickly and easily. You’ll learn to use these chord tones ass the buildinq blocks for your melodic audiolove.me ideas, which you’ll then use to craft your very own lonq-form solos.

As you play your way throuqh the course, Michael will explain and demonstrate all of the Jam Band concepts and approaches reguired to hold your own in any Jam Band settinq!

JamPlay’s lessons feature multiple viewinq anqles and you’ll have all of TrueFire’s advanced learninq fools at your finqertips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.

You can loop, slow down, or speed up any lesson sectoin. Plus, all of the tabs and notatoin are synced to the videos for the optimal learninq experience. You’ll also qet the tab and standard notatoin files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and all of the backinq tracks to practice with.

Grab your quitar, and let’s jam with audiolove.me Michael Palmisano!

For the consummate vocabulary of ear-bendinq Jam Band licks, check out Michael’s 30 Jam Band Licks You Must Know, a top-ranked favorite by TrueFire students.

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