Smaart v8是业界领先的双平台(Mac和Windows OS),基于FFT的音频分析软件。Smaart v8 能够同时执行无限的频谱、传递函数、脉冲响应和 SPL 测量 – 是 Rational Acoustics 提供的功能最齐全的基于软件的音频分析程序。

作为一种软件工具,Smaart v8 专为扩展而构建,以满足最复杂的系统和环境的要求。Smaart 唯一的实际限制是您自己的限制——无论是扩展您的硬件世界还是通过实践和培训提高您的知识。

Smaart v8 is the industry leading, dual platform (Mac & Windows OS), FFT-Based, audio analysis software. Capable of performing unlimited simultaneous Spectrum, Transfer Function, Impulse Response, and SPL measurements – Smaart v8 is the most fully featured software-based audio analysis program offered by Rational Acoustics.

As a software tool, Smaart v8 is purpose built to scale up to fit the requirements of even the most complex systems and environments. The only practical limitation of Smaart is your own – be it expanding your hardware universe or improving your knowledge through practice and training.

• Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution
• Multi-Channel input allows for simultaneous display of multiple individual RTAs – as well as “live averages” of multiple inputs.
• Fractional Octave or Line view of RTA data
• Ability to view raw and banded data simultaneously
• View Peak Holds, Target Curve (including cinema X-curves), and THD
• Accurately display SPL levels per 1 and 1/3 octave bands with calibrated inputs
• FIFO and integrating averaging (2, 4, 8, 16 FIFO, 1-10 Sec, Inf, Fast, Slow)

• Spectrum-over-time with amplitude (level) represented by color
• Adjustable dynamic range
• Scrollable 1000+ line history
• Adjustable slice height
• Full Color or Grey Scale display

Transfer Function
• Magnitude & Coherence, Phase, and Live Impulse Response (Live IR) graphs
• Unlimited simultaneous TF measurement and Live averaging of TF engines
• Multi-Time-Window (MTW) & MTW+ proprietary data acquisition
• Power of 2 FFT data acquisition from 128-32k
• Up to 1/48th octave smoothing resolution for magnitude and phase graphs
• Delay Finder with Advanced Frequency Locater
• Automatic Delay Tracking
• FIFO and integrating averaging
(2, 4, 8, 16 FIFO, 1-10 Sec, Inf, Fast, Slow)
• Support for Meyer Sounds M-Noise procedure

Impulse Response
• Linear (Lin), Logarithmic (Log), Energy Time Curve (ETC), Spectrogram, Frequency, & Histogram graphs
• Unlimited simultaneous IR Measurement
• Single and Dual channel IR Measurement capability
• Power of 2 FFT selection from 128 (2ms) to 512k (10922 ms)
• Schroeder Reverse Integration Curve for RT60 and EDT Calculation
• Speech Intelligibility Criterion including CIS, STI, and STIPA
• Calculate both Noiseless or Noise Present STI
• Automatic calculation of octave and 1/3 octave filter band passes
• User-definable frequency bandpass
• Support for synchronizing the FFT selection to the signal generator using pseudorandom noise and pink sweep
• All-Bands detail table view for all automatically generated acoustical criterion

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Monitoring
• Comprehensive SPL monitoring and logging of any number of calibrated inputs simultaneously
• SPL A, C, & unweighted Fast and Slow, Peak A, C, unweighted or Peak Octave banded frequency center
• Leq A, C, unweighted or Octave banded frequency center with user definable time-period from 1 second to 24 hours
• C-A bass ratio calculation
• OSHA and NIOSH exposure calculation
• L10, L50, L90 calculation
• 10 EaZy integration for Class 1 or 2 compliant SPL Measurement with Integrated Maximum Average Meter (MAM) display
• User-definable SPL grid window for viewing multiple SPL metrics simultaneously
• SPL History Window for navigating SPL Log files
• User definable SPL Alarms and ‘traffic light’ color display (green, yellow, red level definitions per SPL metric)
• Remote viewing via web-browser (over LAN or Internet)
• PDF report generation

Dual-Mono Signal Generator
• Random Pink Noise
• Pseudorandom Pink Noise
— User adjustable time-constant from 128 to 1024k
— Broadband or user-definable band-limiting
— Speech Weighted noise spectrum
— Drop IR Data window option for synch-IR measurement
• Pink Sweep (swept-sine tone)
— User adjustable cycle period from 32k to 1024k
— Triggerable by IR measurement
• Sine wave or dual-sine wave with user adjustable frequency/frequencies
• File Playback via .wav or .AIFF file formats (left side only for stereo files)
• Optionally capture of data stops the signal generator

Data Acquisition
• Unlimited simultaneous input channels and devices
• ASIO, Wav/WDM, and Core Audio driver support
• Input calibration for SPL
• Integrated Gain & Phantom Power control with gain tracking for the Roland OctaCapture
• 10 EaZy Hardware integration for pre-calibrated SPL measurement

Un cabrero extremeño dice,

We debated whether to release the recent Smaart Suite 9.1 branch or the previous Smaart 8.5.2
We have finally decided to release version 8.5.2 for one simple reason:
Smaart Suite 9 requirements include Windows 10 x64 and a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card.
Smaart v8 is enough for 99% of users and runs on many ‘older’ laptops.

1. Install 10EaZyDriver (the one that corresponds to your platform)
2. Install Smaart v8.5.2

Protection: QuickLicenseRT

Price: $995
– One thousand dollars for a 20+ Mb software?
– Yes.
– Really?
– Yeah.
– ORLY??
– YRLY!!
– Ozú con el precio, y yo mientras aquí cuidando cabras….

Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.5.2 WIN x86.rar (访问密码: 874545)