Expand your rock and roll guitar arsenal with these great licks to impress friends and fans

What you’ll learn
play more than 100 guitar licks in the style of 1950s rockabilly/rock and roll
transpose and alter those licks to incorperate them into their own songs
recognize various chord shapes and scales

You should be familiar with some basic chords and some simple melody playing.
It’s definitely an advantage if you know how to read guitar tabs, but it’s not required
Guitar pro or a similar software to read and play guitar tabs would be nice, but I will also provide all tabs in PDF format.

if you started to play some rock’n’roll and rockabilly, but you have a hard time to figure out what your heroes played in the songs you love. Or you might be stuck with the same licks that you play over and over, and you’re looking for new inspirations. Then is the right course for you! I searched my archives to teach a you a wide selection of classic and obscure licks and phrases. We will start pretty simple, but you’ll learn also some advanced licks and concepts.In this course you’ll learn 30 rockabilly intros as played by Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, Cliff Gallup and others38 solo ideas by mainly obscure but fantastic guitar players the theory behind the licks and learn how to modify themhow to use augmented, diminished and dissonant ideas15 intro to slow songs11 rock’n’roll endings8 of my favourite licks that I play in my own compositions

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 1: Rockabilly Intro Licks

Lecture 2 Licks 1-4

Lecture 3 Licks 5-9

Lecture 4 Licks 10-14

Lecture 5 Licks 15-18

Lecture 6 Licks 19-26

Lecture 7 Licks 27-28

Lecture 8 Licks 29-31

Section 2: Rockabilly Solo Ideas

Lecture 9 Good Rockin’ Tonight – Slides

Lecture 10 James Burton Licks

Lecture 11 Licks 35-37

Lecture 12 Scotty Moore Licks

Lecture 13 Pull Offs

Lecture 14 Advice On How To Practice The Guitar

Lecture 15 Granpas Rock

Lecture 16 Licks 43-47

Lecture 17 Licks 48-50

Lecture 18 Licks 51-53

Lecture 19 Licks 54-57

Lecture 20 Licks 58-62

Lecture 21 Licks 63-64

Lecture 22 Chord Theory – Augmented Chords

Lecture 23 Augmented Chord Licks and Dissonant Licks

Section 3: Rockabilly Endings

Lecture 24 Rockabilly Endings Licks 1-6

Lecture 25 Rockabilly Endings Licks 7-10

Section 4: Intros For Slow Songs

Lecture 26 Slow Songs Licks 1-3

Lecture 27 Slow Songs Licks 4-6

Lecture 28 Slow Songs Licks 7-9

Lecture 29 Slow Songs Licks 10-12

Lecture 30 Slow Songs Licks 13-15

Section 5: Randy’s Guitar Licks

Lecture 31 Randy’s Guitar Licks 1-4

Lecture 32 Randy’s Guitar Licks 5-6

Lecture 33 Randy’s Guitar Licks 7-8

This course is meant for guitar players who have played guitar for at least a year or so. ,They should be able to play simple melodies and chords on the guitar.,I assume, that you are interested in 1950s rockabilly/rock and roll,This course is not for you, if you have just started to play the guitar

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