Break Out Of The Box And Learn How To Play Beautiful Guitar Solos

What you’ll learn
Play a solo version of Your Cheatin Heart by Hank Williams
Know How To Use Target Notes and Passing Tones in Solos
Know How To Harmonize Melodies With Thirds And Sixths
Play II V I chord progressions and turnarounds
Use The CAGED System for better navigation on the fretboard

To have a basic knowledge of the guitar fretboard
You should’ve been playing the guitar for at least a year
To have basic understanding of music theory is an advantage but not essential
Be able to read guitar tabs and chord diagrams
Be able to play open chords and bar chords

If you’re into country music and you’re searching for a way to play great sounding solos, then this course is right for you.I will teach you a solo version of the Hank Williams hit Your Cheatin Heart.Then I will break down everything and you’ll learnThe Importance Of PhrasingUsing Target Notes and Passing TonesHow To Spice Up A Simple V-I changeDifferent Kinds Of TurnaroundsHow To Get More Out Of Pentatonics And ScalesWhere To Put Diminished And Augmented ChordsTo Harmonize MelodiesThe Basics Of The CAGED SystemClassic Country LIcks…and much more.Which materials are included in this course?More Than two hours of HD video, tabs in Guitar Pro and PDF format, a jam track for practicing Your Cheatin Heart and useful graphics.Don’t hesitate to ask some questions in the discussion section throughout this course. I will answer each one of your questions as fast as possible.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Working With The Udemy Player

Section 2: How To Play A Solo Version of Your Cheatin Heart

Lecture 3 First Verse

Lecture 4 Turnaround and Second Verse

Lecture 5 The Bridge

Lecture 6 The Second Verse

Section 3: Explaining The Techniques And Concepts Of The Solo

Lecture 7 General Philosophy And Phrasing

Lecture 8 Adding Some Notes To Play The First Phrase

Lecture 9 The Use Of Chord Movement To Create A Pleasant Melodic Line

Lecture 10 Explaining the III-II-V-I Movement

Lecture 11 Introducing The Turnaround

Lecture 12 How To Use The Major Pentatonic

Lecture 13 Playing Country Thirds

Lecture 14 Country Thirds – Additional Tips

Lecture 15 PLaying Country Sixths

Lecture 16 How To Fit The Thirds And Sixths In The Solo

Lecture 17 My Concepts For The Bridge

Lecture 18 Using Classic Licks For The Final Verse

Lecture 19 Common Paths To Create Interesting Chord Progressions

Lecture 20 More Common Paths For Interesting Chord Progressions

Section 4: Practice Tips

Lecture 21 Finding The Notes On The Fretboard

Lecture 22 Introduction To The CAGED System

Lecture 23 Using The CAGED System For Fretboard Navigation Part 1

Lecture 24 Using The CAGED System For Fretboard Navigation Part 2

Lecture 25 Using The CAGED System For Fretboard Navigation Part 3

Lecture 26 Using The CAGED System For Fretboard Navigation Part 4

Lecture 27 An Excercise For Playing Country Thirds and Country Sixths

Guitarists who like vintage country sounds of the 1940s and 1950s,Guitarists who want to gain a better understanding of music theory,Guitarists who want to break out of the box and expand their solo playing,This course does not teach modern country techniques like chicken pickin’ and super fast runs

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