Learn Essential Techniques of Country Guitar

What you’ll learn
New to Country Guitar? This course will have you Chicken Pickin’ in the shortest time possible.
Learn a Logical Step-by-step Method to Country Guitar, including Tone, Music Theory, Scales, Hybrid Picking and Chicken Pickin’ Techniques.
Exercises that will sharpen you Hybrid Picking Techniques.
Learn to Play a Country Rock Style Solo. Complete with TABs and Backing Track.
Understand & Apply the essential techniques used in the Country Guitar Style.
Learn a wealth of country guitar licks and techniques.
Play along with the downloadable backing track.

Computer / Tablet / Internet Connection
You will need a guitar
You should already be familiar with the basic chord shapes.
An open mind and a willingness to learn.
You will need time to practice the material.

Do you want to take your playing to the next level? Do you want to learn some Chicken Pickin’ Country Guitar in the style of Brad Paisley, Johnny Hiland & Brent Mason? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, than the Country Guitar Essentials is perfect for you.The Country Guitar Essentials Course is your Step-By-Step System for Learning Country Guitar.It’s important to have the right tools for learning. The Country Guitar Essentials Course will be the blueprint you follow as you develop and sharpen your new skills as a guitarist.We’ll start at the basics, covering, tone, scales and techniques. Plus at the end of the course you will have a cool Country Rock Style Solo to Play-A-Long with. This course was designed to be fun while learning at the same time. In this course you will learn: How to get “The Tone”! We’ll cover Guitars, Amps, Effects and even Fingernails. The common scales to use in Country Guitar Hybrid Picking Techniques & Exercises Double Stops for Lead & Rhythm playing Country Style Bends vs Blues Style Bends Chicken Pickin’ Country Guitar Licks Chicken Pickin’ Techniques Soloing Ideas Banjo Rolls Play A-Long with a Rockin’ Country Style SoloThe Country Guitar Essentials Course includes HD videos featuring both Right and Left Hand camera angles for easy learning. In addition, you will also receive additional resources like: MP3 Backing Tracks and Printable PDF TAB sheets. Play A-Long with the downloadable Backing Track (at Slow, Medium & Fast tempos).As a student, you will have lifelong access, so you can learn at your own pace.You have a totally unconditional money back guarantee. Study the Country Guitar Essentials course. If you are in any way unhappy, you will get a full 100%, absolutely no conditions attached, no questions asked, refund direct from Udemy.Don’t wait. Click the “Order This Course” Button and get started Today!

Section 1: Let’s Get Started!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Equipment

Lecture 2 Equipment Overview

Lecture 3 Guitars

Lecture 4 Effects

Lecture 5 Pedal & Amp Tone

Lecture 6 Picks

Lecture 7 Fingernails

Lecture 8 Tone Activity

Section 3: Music Theory Basics

Lecture 9 Music Theory Overview

Lecture 10 Major Scale

Lecture 11 Major Scale Chords

Lecture 12 Nashville Numbers System

Section 4: Scales

Lecture 13 Scales Overview

Lecture 14 A Major

Lecture 15 Major Pentatonic

Lecture 16 Minor Pentatonic

Lecture 17 The Blues Scale

Lecture 18 Country Composite Scale

Lecture 19 Timing

Lecture 20 Activity – Download Scale TABS

Section 5: Hybrid Picking

Lecture 21 Hybrid Picking Overview

Lecture 22 Hybrid Picking Ex. 1

Lecture 23 Hybrid Picking Ex. 2

Lecture 24 Hybrid Picking Ex. 3

Lecture 25 Hybrid Picking Ex. 4

Lecture 26 Banjo Roll Ex. 1

Lecture 27 Banjo Roll Ex. 2

Lecture 28 Banjo Roll Ex. 3

Lecture 29 Banjo Roll Ex. 4

Lecture 30 Banjo Roll Ex. 5

Lecture 31 Hybrid Picking Activity

Section 6: Double Stops

Lecture 32 Double Stop Overview

Lecture 33 Intervals

Lecture 34 Double Stop Formula

Lecture 35 Double Stop Ex. 1

Lecture 36 Double Stop Ex. 2

Lecture 37 Double Stop Ex. 3

Lecture 38 Double Stop Ex. 4

Lecture 39 Double Stop Ex. 5

Lecture 40 Double Stop Rhythm

Lecture 41 Double Stop Activity

Section 7: Chicken Pickin’

Lecture 42 Chicken Pickin’ Overview

Lecture 43 Chicken Pickin’ Ex.1

Lecture 44 Chicken Pickin’ Ex.2

Lecture 45 Chicken Pickin’ Ex.3

Lecture 46 Chicken Pickin’ Activity

Section 8: Country Style Bends

Lecture 47 Bending Overview

Lecture 48 Bends Ex. 1 and 2

Lecture 49 Bends Ex. 3

Lecture 50 Bends Activity

Section 9: Open String

Lecture 51 Open Strings Overview

Lecture 52 Open String Ex. 1

Lecture 53 Open String Ex. 2

Lecture 54 Open String Ex. 3

Lecture 55 Open String Activity

Section 10: Solo Example

Lecture 56 Solo Introduction

Lecture 57 Fire It Up – Solo

Lecture 58 Fire It Up – Solo Slow

Lecture 59 Solo Resources

Section 11: Solo: Breakdown

Lecture 60 Country Licks Overview

Lecture 61 Lick Ex. 1

Lecture 62 Lick Ex. 2

Lecture 63 Lick Ex. 3

Lecture 64 Lick Ex. 4

Lecture 65 Lick Ex. 5

Lecture 66 Lick Ex. 6

Lecture 67 Lick Ex. 7

Lecture 68 Lick Ex. 8

Lecture 69 Lick Ex. 9

Lecture 70 Licks Ex. 10

Lecture 71 Lick Ex. 11

Lecture 72 Lick Ex. 12

Lecture 73 Lick Ex. 13

Lecture 74 Lick Ex. 14

Lecture 75 Lick Ex. 15

Lecture 76 Lick Ex. 16

Lecture 77 Lick Ex. 17

Lecture 78 Lick Ex. 18

Lecture 79 Licks Activity

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 80 That’s a Wrap!

Intermidiate Rock & Blues Guitarists that want to add some Chicken Pickin’ influence into thier playing style.,Intermidiate/Advanced guitaists looking to “fill in the gaps of knowledge”.,Any Guitarist that wants to add new Elements, Concepts & Techniqes to thier Playing.,If your an advanced guitarist, this course might not be for you.,Not for students expecting to learn specific songs.,If your a beginning guitar playing, you will also learn a lot about tone, basic music theory and lead concepts. However, some prior knowledge is recommended.

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