An Easy Introduction To The Guitar For Complete Novices

What you’ll learn
How To Tune A Guitar
Basic Guitar Chord Shapes
How To Change From Chord To Chord
How To Count Rhythms
Strumming Techniques
How To Find Songs To Play

How to download files from the internet
You need to own a guitar

This course is aimed at the student who has never played guitar before. No prior experience is necessary! You will learn to play all of the basic major and minor chords which form the basis of everything you will go on to play once you’ve finished this course. Also I will show you how to negotiate chord changes – something that many beginners struggle with. With this course you will learn how to do this with ease. In addition to this, you will learn to count and play rhythms as we cover the basics of strumming technique.All of these skills are demonstrated via eight specially written & recorded pieces of music which showcase the skills & techniques you will be learning. At the end of the course, I will show you how to take everything you have learned and find songs to play with your new found skills.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Your Guitar In Tune & Learning Your First Chord

Lecture 2 Getting Your Guitar In Tune & Learning Your First Chord

Section 3: One Chord Wonder – Your First Piece Of Music

Lecture 3 One Chord Wonder

Section 4: Learning To Change Chords

Lecture 4 Doubling Up – Adding a Second Chord

Section 5: Adding Chord Number Three

Lecture 5 The Three Chord Trick

Section 6: Introducing A New Type Of Chord – The Dark Sounding Minor

Lecture 6 Changing The Mood – Introducing The Minor Chord

Section 7: Adding a new chord – G major

Lecture 7 Oh Gee – A New Chord!

Section 8: A New Chord – C major

Lecture 8 A New Chord – So Many Songs

Section 9: Another Minor Chord

Lecture 9 A Minor Thing

Section 10: Bringing It All Together

Lecture 10 CAGED – all the chords you’ve learned.

Complete beginners to playing guitar – no previous experience

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