Complete beat making, music production for beginners, or new-to-Reaper producers. Mixing, Arranging, Mastering Beats

What you’ll learn
Create Chords & Melodies Effortlessly
The simple way of making beats
Drum Patterns
Arranging Beats
Create Counter Melodies
Create Amazing Basslines
No-effort Music Production
Creating space in the mix

A computer with Reaper installed

Welcome to the Reaper Beat making, music production course. Go from zero experience to a music producer in no time!Are you tired of randomly clicking through notes to make a melody that sounds good? After an hour of hard work (and tears), you come up with something and it doesn’t even sound good? You then realize that it is the lack of production knowledge (or worse, half knowledge) that is a part of the issue.Excited to learn something new, you look for resources on the internet that can teach you to produce so that you can start making awesome-sounding beats. After putting in hours of effort, going through walls of text and watching videos, things get even more complex. You’re hit with a bunch of terms, ideas and concepts that make no sense.I feel your pain. Been there, done that.My name is Vishal. I have been producing music for the past 3 years and I’m here to help you save your time and effort.In this course, I have put together short, simple-to-understand lectures that will help you produce your first beat TODAY!!Get 144 minutes of dense information. I promise I don’t like to repeat the same information over and over to exaggerate the value of the course. And that holds true for all of my courses.Save yourself the headache. Take the free preview now!Benefits of taking this course:* This course will help you build the fundamentals you will require to become a producer.* Forget the use of complex terms that you don’t understand. This course is jargon-free!* I demonstrate my workflow that helps me complete 5 beats a day with ease!* Right from building Chords to Mixing, mastering and arranging – Everything is covered in easy-to-understand lectures.* This course consists of all workflow hacks, tips, tricks and techniques that I have learned over my production journey.* This course is beginner-friendly. It is also perfect for you if you’re an intermediate who is new to Reaper. I will show you my entire workflow. Kick-start your beat making journey with Reaper.* I cover a hip-hop/trap type beat, but you can apply the learnings to other genres such as R&B, EDM, Blues etc.*When it comes to Music production, there is more than one way to achieve the same result. In this course, I ensure that I show you the simplest ways to get results.Hip Hop Beat Making in Reaper : Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Themes: All You Need to Know About Them

Lecture 2 Themes : How they Help With Beat Making & Other Basics

Lecture 3 Links to Themes in Reaper & Mac OS installation

Section 3: The Tools You’ll Need to Make Beats

Lecture 4 Tool#1

Lecture 5 Tool#2

Lecture 6 Tool#3

Lecture 7 Tool#4

Lecture 8 Tool#5 (Reference Scales)

Section 4: This Method Will Save You 10-15 Every Session

Lecture 9 This Method Will Save You 10-15 Every Session

Section 5: The Efficient Workflow

Lecture 10 A Sneak Peek Into My Workflow

Section 6: These Are the Only Options You Need to Know in the MIDI Window

Lecture 11 These Are the Only Options You Need to Know in the MIDI Window

Section 7: Make Chords – The Easy Way (And a Few Secrets)

Lecture 12 The Easiest Way to Make a Chord + Some Secrets

Lecture 13 Less Is More! (Use This Trick)

Section 8: Drum Placement – Simplified!

Lecture 14 Kick Drum

Lecture 15 Hi Hats in a few minutes

Lecture 16 Snare Pattern (Hacks)

Lecture 17 Clap

Lecture 18 Use This to Make The Drum Pattern Interesting

Section 9: The Low-End Game

Lecture 19 The Perfect Bass in Under 2 Minutes

Section 10: Keep The Listeners Attention With This Beat Component

Lecture 20 Keep The Listeners Attention With This Beat Component

Section 11: Mixing Made Simple

Lecture 21 Make Your Mix Cleaner

Lecture 22 The Overlooked Aspect of Mixing

Section 12: How to Arrange Your Beat in Under 10 Minutes

Lecture 23 My Method of Arranging The Beat

Section 13: Win The Loudness War (Every Time!)

Lecture 24 Technique# 1

Lecture 25 Technique# 2

Section 14: Conclusion

Lecture 26 Conclusion

Beginner Music Producers,Intermediate Producers who want to kick-start their journey on Reaper