This course is aimed at the intermediate lead guitarist who has some knowledge of the pentatonic scale, but feels limited to a couple of shapes & can’t break out of their comfort zone licks. You will learn the pentatonic scale from the gound up: how the 5 different patterns originated & how they fit together. You will also learn…

•How the pentatonic scale relates to chords you’re playing over
•How to determine the correct scale to use over ANY chord sequence
•How to use the pentatonic scale to play blues
•How to move fluently between the 5 pentatonic patterns
•How to use the pentatonic scale to play over chord changes
•How to use the (in)famous CAGED system
•How combining pentatonic scales can introduce you to the world of modes

All of this is demonstrated via example solos shown in close up & tabbed out in PDF & Guitar Pro formats, so there are dozens of licks to learn. Also, you get a bunch of jam tracks to experiment over.

By the end of this course you will RULE the neck!

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