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Rock Rhythm Guitar

Basic Guitar Experience

Rock Rhythm Guitar and the Rock and Roll genre are both foundational aspects of playing guitar. If you want to play in a band, know how to create riffs from scratch, or just love rock and roll, this course is for you.Jeff Duke and Erich Andreas present you: Rock Rhythm Guitar Lessons!Jeff Duke has a passion for rock and roll and wants to be your guide through rock rhythm guitar. This course will walk you through philosophies and attitudes of rock guitar and metal guitar, basic rhythms and tones, creating riffs and even playing full songs. See yourself transform into a true rock rhythm guitarist! This course is designed for all levels of guitar players.35 Lectures/Videos with Corresponding PDF Attachments2+ Hours of VideoAvailable on a PC or MAC and there is an iPad, iPhone and Android app ready to go!Keeping track of each videos you have already watched is super easy with Complete and In Progress buttonsScroll down and preview a few of the videos inside the course for free and get a sneak peek at the content within this course.The more you practice the better you will get. With dedicated practice, this course will have serious results!Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button to get started.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 1. Welcome/ About Rock Guitar

Lecture 2 2. Rock Guitar Philosophy & Attitude

Lecture 3 3. Rock Guitar Common Tones

Lecture 4 4.Rock Guitar Effects

Lecture 5 5. Using Guitar Controls for Rock Guitar Tone

Lecture 6 6. Palm Muting

Lecture 7 7. Fret Hand Muting

Lecture 8 8. Using Down Strokes

Lecture 9 9. Strumming

Lecture 10 10. Picking

Lecture 11 11. Rhythms

Lecture 12 12. Dynamics

Lecture 13 13. A Basic Understanding of Chords in a Key

Lecture 14 14. Power Chords

Lecture 15 15.Open Position Chords

Lecture 16 16. Two Note Major and Minor Chords

Lecture 17 17. Three Note Major and Minor Chords

Lecture 18 18. Chord Inversions/ The Caged System

Lecture 19 19. Chord Extensions

Lecture 20 20.Moving Chords Over a Drone Note

Lecture 21 21. What is a Riff?

Lecture 22 22. Using the Fundamentals to Sculpt a Riff

Lecture 23 23. Moving a Riff

Lecture 24 24. Creating Riffs Around Chord Progressions

Lecture 25 25. How to Manipulate a Riff

Lecture 26 26. Creating a Song: Introduction

Lecture 27 27. Building an Intro

Lecture 28 28. Building a Verse

Lecture 29 29. Building a Chorus

Lecture 30 30. Building a Bridge/ Solo

Lecture 31 31. Playing the Song

Lecture 32 32. How to Play With a Band

Lecture 33 33. Course Recap

Lecture 34 34. Thank You

Lecture 35 35. My Gear

Beginner/ Intermediate Guitarists,Electric Guitar Players

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