How to Loop, Groove and Solo Like a Pro: Electric Guitar Improvisation

What you’ll learn
How to Use a Looper Pedal Without The Timing Frustrations
How to Create Great Rhythm Guitar Parts and Loop Them Successfully
How to Orchestrate and Overdub 2nd Guitar Parts Into the Looper
How to Play Melodic Solo Phrases Over Your Progressions
How to Target Chord Tones and Improvise Pro Level Solos

You Will Need a Guitar, Amp and Looper Pedal
The Desire and Passion to Improve Daily
Practice Time to Enjoy Your New Musical Skills

Learn how to create and record perfectly timed percussion, guide tracks for each loop performance and advanced phrasing concepts for hook driven lead guitar solos and feels.Robbie Calvo, accomplished musician and instructor, is your guide through The Phrase Trainer: How To Loop, Groove and Solo Like a Pro. Learn how to prepare, time and execute the perfect loop performances and create single-note lines and riffs from the chords and scales you already know to maximize your potential and reach what Robbie calls “Sonic Nirvana”. You will begin with the basics of song structure, chords and measures of music, and by the end of this course you will be able to create complex and textured solos using a multitude of techniques at once.Here is what you will get inside this course:3 hours on-demand video
7 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
Get your questions answered by Robbie and other students inside the course!

No prior knowledge or skill is required to take this course. Just have a guitar and be ready to learn and practice! You can’t find this course anywhere else on the internet. Buy today and begin learning from a great instructor at your own pace!Scroll up and click the “Add To Cart” button now.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is a Loop

Lecture 3 What is a Looper

Lecture 4 Signal Chain

Section 2: Looper Basics

Lecture 5 How to use a Looper

Lecture 6 Looper Functions

Lecture 7 Intro-Understanding Measures of Music

Lecture 8 Understanding Measures of Music

Lecture 9 Looper Timing and Execution

Lecture 10 Plan What to Loop

Lecture 11 Clean in and out Points

Lecture 12 Recording a Scratch Track

Lecture 13 Musical Scratch Guide Track

Lecture 14 Recording Rhythm Part

Section 3: Recording One-chord Vamps

Lecture 15 Recording A One Chord Vamp – A Major

Lecture 16 Adding Chordal Part – A Major Chord

Lecture 17 Chord Tones Of An A Major Chord

Lecture 18 Scale Type For An A Major Chord

Lecture 19 Improvising Over An A Major Chord

Lecture 20 Intro to A Minor 7 Section

Lecture 21 Record our Scratch Track

Lecture 22 Adding A Chordal Part

Lecture 23 Adding an Overdub Guitar Part

Lecture 24 Scale Type – A Minor Pentatonic

Lecture 25 Improvising Ideas

Lecture 26 Add in Notes

Lecture 27 A7 Section-Record Our Scratch Track

Lecture 28 Adding a Chordal Part

Lecture 29 Adding an Overdub Part

Lecture 30 Adding a Bubble Part

Lecture 31 Solo Line Ideas– A Minor Pentatonic

Lecture 32 Solo Line Ideas– A Major Pentatonic

Lecture 33 Solo Line Ideas – A7 Arpeggios

Lecture 34 Solo Line Ideas-Double Stops

Lecture 35 Solo Line Ideas-Combining Ideas

Lecture 36 Adding Pre-Recorded Grooves

Lecture 37 Hand Percussion-Acoustic Guitar

Section 4: Recording Chord Progressions

Lecture 38 Intro to Looping Chord Progressions

Lecture 39 Two Bar Phrases

Lecture 40 Chord Progression & Scratch Track

Lecture 41 Bubble Part Orchestration

Lecture 42 Improvising 2 Bar Phrases

Lecture 43 Orchestration

Lecture 44 Improvising Over the 2-Bar Loop – 3 Plus 1

Lecture 45 Intro to Improvising Over the 2-Bar Loop – 3 Plus 1

Lecture 46 Intro to 4-Bar Phrase

Lecture 47 Chord Progression

Lecture 48 Overdub Guitar Part

Lecture 49 Adding a Riff

Lecture 50 Phrasing Simple Lick Ideas Around the Riff

Lecture 51 Adding a Bubble Part-Phrasing Licks-Fills Around Vocal Line

Lecture 52 Melodies & Solos

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 53 Gear Talk

Lecture 54 Connect With Me

Lecture 55 Real Time Building Track

Lecture 56 Real Time Building Track

Lecture 57 Conclusion

This Course is For the Late Beginner to Pro Level Player Who Wants to Loop, Groove and Solo Like a Pro,This Course is the Perfect Learning Tool for the Developing Guitarist,Guitarists Wishing to Expand Their Musical Palette, Recording Skills, Jam Session Ideas, Live Performance Level Skills

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