Learn the guitar solos that are the foundation of Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly

What you’ll learn
play the authentic intros, solos and outros from 10 songs the way they were recorded at SUN Records
gain a better understanding of chord shapes and how to derive solos from them
know some more history about the men who invented and shaped Rock’n’Roll
learn something about how to get the SUN sound

You should be familiar with some open chords as well as bar chords and some simple melody playing.
It’s definitely an advantage if you know how to read guitar tabs, but it’s not required
Guitar pro or a similar software to read and play guitar tabs would be nice, but I will also provide all tabs in PDF format.
You obviously need a guitar to play along

SUN Records is often called the birthplace of Rock’n’Roll, it’s also the birthplace of Rockabilly. This little studio in Memphis is the place where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and many other music stars started their career.Behind those singers were a group of talented guitarists who didn’t know that they would write history by mixing Rhythm and Blues with Country Licks and inventing a musical genre, that changed the world.If you love the honest, raw and exciting Memphis Rockabilly guitar sound of the 1950s, then this course is for you.I picked 9 songs and I will teach you the solos exactly how they were played back then.Split screen technique, tabs and authentic jam tracks in 4 different tempos will help you to learn these solos as fast as possible.I will also give you some background information to each songs. Furthermore I have added intros and verses to some of the songs as well, so you will be able to play the complete song after finishing the lessons.The course will start with simple solos and it’ll get more complex later on. Here is the list of the songs featured in this course:Take Me (Garden Of Evil) by Jimmy Wages, guitar: Ray HarrisDrinkin’ Wine by Gene Simmons, guitar: Carl SimmonsI Walk The Line by Johnny Cash, guitar: Luther PerkinsOnly You by Carl Perkins, guitar: Carl PerkinsGet It Off Your Mind by Kenny Parchman, guitar: Richard PageI Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine by Elvis Presley, guitar: Scotty MoorePrisoner Of The Blues by Tommy Ruick, guitar: Hank Hanlain,Miss Froggie by Warren Smith, guitar: Al HopsonMatchbox by Carl Perkins, guitar: Carl Perkins

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The Songs

Lecture 2 Take Me (Garden Of Evil) – Introduction

Lecture 3 Take Me (Garden Of Evil) – Intro

Lecture 4 Take Me (Garden Of Evil) – Solo

Lecture 5 Drinkin’ Wine – Introduction

Lecture 6 Drinkin’ Wine – Intro and First Solo

Lecture 7 Drinkin’ Wine – Second Solo and Verses

Lecture 8 I Walk The Line – Introduction

Lecture 9 I Walk The Line – Rhythm Guitar

Lecture 10 I Walk The Line – Intro

Lecture 11 I Walk The Line – Verses

Lecture 12 Only You – Introduction

Lecture 13 Only You – Solo

Lecture 14 Get it Off Your Mind – Introduction

Lecture 15 Get It Off Your Mind – Intro

Lecture 16 Get It Off Your Mind – First Solo

Lecture 17 Get It Off Your Mind – Second Solo

Lecture 18 Get It Off Your Mind – Vese and Chorus

Lecture 19 I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine – Introduction

Lecture 20 I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine – Solo

Lecture 21 Prisoner Of The Blues – Introduction

Lecture 22 Prisoner Of The Blues – Intro

Lecture 23 Prisoner Of The Blues – Solo

Lecture 24 Miss Froggie – Introduction

Lecture 25 Miss Froggie – Intro

Lecture 26 Miss Froggie – First Solo

Lecture 27 Miss Froggie – Second Solo

Lecture 28 Matchbox – Introduction

Lecture 29 Matchbox – Intro

Lecture 30 Matchbox – First Solo

Lecture 31 Matchbox – Second Solo

This course is meant for guitar players who have played guitar for at least a year or so.,They should be able to play simple melodies and chords on the guitar.,I assume, that you are interested in 1950s rockabilly/rock and roll,This course is not for you, if you have just started to play the guitar

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