The Early Years From 1957 – 1963

What you’ll learn
The guitar solos of 10 James Burton solos note for note
Guitar techniques like hybrid picking, bendings and slides
Some James Burton Trivia and History

Be able to read guitar tabs
Be comfortable with playing basic chords and intermediate solos on the guitar
Tab reading software like Guitar Pro, TEF or TuxGuitar is a great help but no must

In this course I will show you how to play the guitar solos of 10 songs James Burton played on in the early years of his career. You will learn songs by Dale Hawkins, Bob Luman and Ricky Nelson. We’ll dive deep into the techniques James Burton used like hybrid picking, bendings and slides. I will also show you two songs from start to finish, Suzie Q and Jumping With The Shadows. The course features the following songs:Travelin’ Man – Ricky NelsonWhenever You’re Ready – Bob LumanString Along – Rick NelsonWild Eyed Woman – Bob LumanSuzie Q – Dale HawkinsBelieve What You Say – Ricky NelsonThis Is The Night – Bob LumanHello Mary Lou – Ricky NelsonFools Rush In – Ricky NelsonJumping With The Shadows – The ShadowsI’ll teach you how to play the solo parts, but I’ll also show you the chords of the more unusual chord progressions.I’ve included the tabs in Guitar Pro and PDF format for every song. Furthermore the guys at Lightning Recorders in Berlin recorded highly authentic jam tracks in four different tempos to make this learning experience even more exciting.There are some easy parts in this course, but most of the lectures are geared toward the intermediate to advanced guitar player.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Travelin’ Man by Ricky Nelson

Lecture 2 Travelin’ Man – Introduction

Lecture 3 Travelin’ Man – Solo

Section 3: Whenever You’re Ready by Bob Luman

Lecture 4 Whenever You’re Ready – Introduction

Lecture 5 Whenever You’re Ready – Solo

Section 4: Wild Eyed Woman by Bob Luman

Lecture 6 Wild Eyed Woman – Introduction

Lecture 7 Wild Eyed Woman – Solo

Section 5: String Along by Rick Nelson

Lecture 8 String Along – Introduction

Lecture 9 String Along – Solo

Section 6: Suzie Q

Lecture 10 Suzie Q – Introduction

Lecture 11 Suzie Q – Main Riff

Lecture 12 Suzie Q – Verses 1 and 2

Lecture 13 Suzie Q – First Solo

Lecture 14 Suzie Q – Verses 3 and 4

Lecture 15 Suzie Q – Second Solo

Lecture 16 Suzie Q – Ending

Section 7: Believe What You Say

Lecture 17 Believe What You Say – Introduction

Lecture 18 Believe What You Say – Verse and Chorus

Lecture 19 Believe What You Say – Solo

Section 8: This Is The Night by Bob Luman

Lecture 20 This Is The Night – Introduction

Lecture 21 This Is The Night – First Solo

Lecture 22 This Is The Night – Second Solo

Section 9: Hello Mary Lou

Lecture 23 Hello Mary Lou – Introduction

Lecture 24 Hello Mary Lou – Solo

Section 10: Fools Rush In

Lecture 25 Fools Rush In – Introduction

Lecture 26 Fools Rush In – Solo

Section 11: Jumping With The Shadows

Lecture 27 Jumping With The Shadows – Introduction

Lecture 28 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 1

Lecture 29 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 2

Lecture 30 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 3

Lecture 31 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 4

Lecture 32 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 5

Lecture 33 Jumping With The Shadows – Part 6

Intermediate guitarists who would like to learn the unique style of James Burton

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