Fingerstyle Guitar, Slide Blues Guitar: Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar From Beginner to Playing Your 1st Song

What you’ll learn
New to Slide Guitar? This Will be the Only Slide Guitar Course You Will Ever Need to Take.
To Play Slide Guitar in the Shortest Amount Time Using a Proven, Logical, Step-by-step Method While Have the Most Fun!
Understand the Essential Components Needed to Develop Stellar, Slide Guitar Technique Through Guitar Setup, Slide Choice, Muting Techniques and Style.
The “12/10” Box, Open Pentatonic Position and Various Licks, Extensions and “Connectors”.
5 BONUS Essential Slide Guitar Licks.

A Guitar
A Slide
Practice Can Not Be Avoided

Level up your versatility and expand your range as a guitarist with the BEST slide course for beginners on the market! RJ Ronquillo is an accomplished touring guitarist and instructor with a passion for blues and slide guitar.”The BEST Slide Guitar Lessons: Chords, Licks, Songs” is the most direct and to the point complete slide guitar course for beginner slide players. RJ will be your guide to playing slide!Here’s what you get inside this course:31 lectures/videos with corresponding PDF attachments2+ hours of videoGet answers to questions from RJ and other students inside the courseIt’s available on a PC or Mac and there is an iPad, iPhone and Android app ready to go!Keeping track of each videos you have already watched is super easy. Udemy has a great way of keeping track of your completed lessons(lectures).The entire course is organized in a step-by-step easy to follow layout**Plus 5 BONUS lick videos**No prior knowledge or skill is required to take this course. Just have a guitar and be ready to learn and practice! You can’t find this course anywhere else on the internet. Buy today and begin learning from a great instructor at YOUR pace!Scroll up and click the “Add To Cart” button now.

Section 1: Introduction – MUST Watch First

Lecture 1 Introduction to How To Play Slide Guitar

Section 2: Let’s Get Started!

Lecture 2 Choosing A Slide – Material and Thickness

Lecture 3 Choosing A Slide – Finger Choice

Lecture 4 Guitar Setup – Tunings

Lecture 5 Guitar Setup – String, Gauge, and Action

Lecture 6 Pick vs. Fingers

Lecture 7 Your 1st Notes

Lecture 8 Right Hand Muting Technique

Lecture 9 Left Hand Muting Technique

Lecture 10 Muting Exercise

Lecture 11 Slide Positioning

Lecture 12 Vibrato

Lecture 13 The 12/10 Box Scale

Section 3: Slide Licks

Lecture 14 Introduction to Licks

Lecture 15 Slide Licks: 12/10 Box

Lecture 16 Slide Lick Variations and Additions

Lecture 17 Slide Variation Licks 12/10

Lecture 18 Open Slide Position Pentatonic

Lecture 19 Open Pentatonic Slide Licks

Lecture 20 Open Pentatonic Slide Licks: Variations and Extensions

Lecture 21 Pentatonic Variation Slide Licks

Lecture 22 Connecting The Two

Lecture 23 Connector Licks

Lecture 24 Rhythm and Fretting

Lecture 25 Slide Song: Dust My Broom Introduction

Lecture 26 Slide Song: Dust My Broom Lesson

Lecture 27 Play Along

Lecture 28 Slide Lick 1

Lecture 29 Slide Lick 2

Lecture 30 Slide Lick 3

Lecture 31 Slide Lick 4

Lecture 32 Slide Lick 5

Lecture 33 Outro Jam

Section 4: Course Overview

Lecture 34 Congratulations! Overview Video

Any Guitar Player With Or Without Slide Experience, Desiring To Play Slide Guitar,Guitarists Looking To Spice Up Their Style,Guitar Players Who Want To Express Themselves In A Way That Only Slide Guitar Gives You

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